Stock Photo - Business, women and conversation in modern office, marketing strategy and planning together. Employee, manager and startup company for advertising campaign, sales growth and talking in workplace.

Business, tablet and women in conversation, modern office for marketing strategy and planning. Employee, manager and startup company for advertising campaign, sales growth and talking in workplace. - Stock Photo

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    Digital tablet, discussion and business people in the office consulting their senior manager. Technology, conversation and professional corporate employees talking and working on project with mobile.
    Feedback, kpi or business people in a meeting planning to increase sales or revenue growth in office building. Teamwork, diversity or employees talking or speaking of goals, mission or our vision
    Senior woman executive, businessman or tablet for discussion, planning or schedule in office. Conversation, architect or receptionist with digital tech for calendar, design or budget in modern office
    Senior, business people and welcome handshake in modern office lobby for greeting, thank you and partnership deal collaboration. Elderly person, b2b agreement and shaking hands for ceo onboarding
    Corporate women group, tablet and coaching in discussion, planning or brainstorming in advertising. Team diversity, muslim and black woman with digital tech for strategy, vision or support from coach
    Laptop, diversity or business people in a meeting planning digital marketing seo kpi or advertising goals. Team work, collaboration or employees talking or speaking of a development project or ideas
    Walking, talking and collaboration with a business team at work together in an office corridor or hallway. Meeting, tablet and communication with a muslim woman and man employee chatting or working
    Meeting, training and explaining with a female leader, manager or boss talking to her diversity team in the office. Planning, strategy and coaching with a business woman teaching an employee group
    Business people, partnership and discussion with tablet, workplace top view with communication and business meeting. Technology, workspace with businessman and Muslim woman, collaboration and partner
    Team work, tablet or ceo meeting with employees planning a strategy for financial goals, sales or kpi target. Collaboration, leadership or muslim woman listening to a senior manager and mature mentor
    Tablet, ceo and senior manager planning a business appointment schedule on a digital calendar in office building. Mentor, boss and employee talking or speaking of a financial budget, goals or mission
    Business meeting, office strategy and diversity of accounting team with planning communication. Teamwork, collaboration and support of finance group talking about a economy conversation for company
    Coworking, meeting and business people in an office for advice, teamwork and planning of finance on technology. Corporate, discussion and group of employees talking about financial plan on tech
    Muslim, diversity and business woman on tablet for teamwork, collaboration and brainstorming project strategy, digital marketing and kpi. Islamic employee, african manager and corporate group in tech
    Manager, collaboration and meeting with a business man talking to his team in the office for planning. Management, leadership and teamwork with a senior male employee coaching his staff at work
    Tablet, black woman and Muslim employee planning a seo digital marketing strategy for online sales or revenue. Team work, Islamic or employees working on content ideas for startup in office building
    Business people, tablet and planning discussion above for marketing strategy, advertising or meeting at the office. Creative business employee team in conversation or idea on touchscreen for startup
    Technology, meeting and business people in the office lounge in discussion on a team project. Teamwork, diversity and group of employees in collaboration on a corporate report, strategy or proposal.
    Advice, planning and business people on tablet app, website strategy and helping with a digital design. Diversity, collaboration and manager giving help to a Muslim employee with a web design on tech
    Business meeting, team and muslim woman with tablet for marketing ideas, b2b networking and communication for diversity, inclusion and equality. Happy employees and manager smile for digital strategy
    Teamwork, business meeting and office for planning, strategy or financial budget for marketing with diversity. Executive group, business people and discussion with multicultural team, vision and goal
    Business, tablet and women in conversation, modern office for marketing strategy and planning. Employee, manager and startup company for advertising campaign, sales growth and talking in workplace.
    Comic meeting, team building or business people planning, collaboration or feedback on creative research. Marketing, diversity or consulting team for marketing, startup strategy or contract review
    Business people, diversity and discussion with meeting and corporate team, planning strategy for business project. Collaboration, agreement and professional group, working together in New York office