Stock Photo - Business woman in office, thinking and planning advertising campaign, focus or peace. Female, employee or entrepreneur with idea for sales growth, marketing schedule or strategy in workplace or relax

Business woman in office, thinking and planning advertising campaign, with vision. Female, employee or entrepreneur with idea for sales growth, marketing schedule or strategy in workplace or relax - Stock Photo

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    Stress, neck pain and burnout with a business man rubbing her shoulders while working in the office. Computer, cramp and tension with a senior female employee suffering with strain at work
    Corporate woman, video call and computer in office for consulting, wave and communication with smile. Happy consultant, video conference and conversation on internet app for b2b networking in Bogota
    Hands, computer or business woman typing on keyboard for digital coding, programming or creative software app. Cybersecurity, programmer or girl for networking, internet research or invest
    Business man, phone call and networking for communication with IT contact while typing marketing email on computer at CRM desk. Male entrepreneur talking on smartphone while planning schedule
    Stress, headache and senior business woman in office feeling pain, migraine or sick. Burnout, anxiety and tired, fatigue or exhausted elderly female employee with depression in corporate workplace.
    Workspace phone call, business woman or startup HR manager with computer for communication strategy, negotiation and networking. Smartphone, talking and a senior Human Resources worker at her desk
    Elderly business woman, phone and smile for social media, texting or chatting for communication at office. Happy senior female CEO enjoying online conversation on mobile smartphone at the workplace
    Headache, anxiety and stress of black man at office frustrated with corporate business dilemma. Mature businessman unhappy, sick and tired thinking of career fail, mistake and problem at desk
    Business woman, computer or success fist in digital marketing deal, advertising branding growth or b2b partnership agreement. Happy smile, celebration hand gesture or creative designer on technology
    Office, working and business woman on computer doing research, business proposal and reading online report. Technology, project and girl thinking of ideas, vision and strategy in corporate workplace
    Business woman, computer and typing marketing email in a coworking office while online for communication, report or feedback. Female entrepreneur at PC desk to focus on networking using database
    Business woman, computer and notebook in office for planning, research and logo design, focus and ambition. Woman, book and internet, search and creative strategy for web design, goal and project
    Portrait, happy woman and working on computer in office with motivation, smile and vision for career growth, business goals and startup management. Face of worker, happiness and desktop in Colombia
    Business woman in office, thinking and planning advertising campaign, with vision. Female, employee or entrepreneur with idea for sales growth, marketing schedule or strategy in workplace or relax
    Businessman, headache and tired at office desk, computer or rest with pain by blurred background. Man, desktop pc and burnout with stress, frustrated and exhausted at digital marketing job in Toronto
    Businessman, earphones or computer video call, webinar training or zoom conference in coworking office. Smile, happy or talking creative designer on technology interview, online meeting or workshop
    Face, leader and man arms crossed, office for business plan and confident for startup company. Ceo portrait, Latino male and entrepreneur with smile, leadership and manager in workplace and corporate
    Neck pain, computer and businessman working on burnout, stress and anxiety for management, startup and hard work. Mental health risk, shoulder pain and fatigue of office worker on desktop technology
    Creative workplace, asian woman and working on tablet for digital marketing, online networking or website design planning. Creativity, graphic designer and employee on tech device for ux design
    Phone, search and smile with business woman at computer for planning, networking and social media in office. Internet, technology and news with employee at desk for app, communication and website
    Businessman, computer and phone call in coworking office space, digital marketing company or networking advertising startup. Happy smile, talking creative designer and mobile communication technology
    Yawn, tired employee and man at desk of marketing, design and advertising company feeling exhausted at risk of burnout. Fatigue, early morning and worker working on computer with business commitment
    Creative businessman, headache and computer tired from working in stress, depression or mental health at the office. Man employee designer suffering burnout, head pain or ache in anxiety at workplace
    Elderly woman, face and smile for creative business, vision or career ambition in startup success at the office. Portrait of senior female CEO in corporate management smiling for successful job
    Portrait, computer or black man networking via email marketing or typing a business proposal at office desk. Face, database or happy senior employee smiles with pride after working on an SEO project
    Success, cheering and goal with a business man in celebration of a deal in his office at work. Winner, wow and target with a happy male employee celebrating a bonus or achievement while working
    Business man and computer for financial report research in an accounting firm with a black man. African american male trader, thinking and pc news for finance analytics and data on the internet
    Office businessman on computer confused, stress and depression of debt, finance or sales fail with software analysis. Sad, angry or thinking worker with stock market results, mistake or trading news
    Success, asian woman and celebration at computer in office for winning, bonus and achievement. Happy, winner and excited worker celebrate stocks trading deal, company goals or promotion on desktop pc
    Business woman, phone call and computer desk while taking to contact about CRM notification or reading marketing email on PC. Asian employee happy while networking using online database in office
    Creative asian woman, phone and texting for social media, chatting or posting by computer at the office. Happy woman with smile for communication, email or online conversation on smartphone at work
    Computer, bored and business woman in office for thinking, planning while tired and frustrated with glitch. Asian woman, web design and research online while annoyed, fatigue and burnout in Japan
    Creative business people, design and planning in strategy or corporate brainstorming filling out paperwork at office. Businessman writing, signing or completing contracts for development in startup
    Employee, thinking and planning corporate strategy at work while working on financial project strategy with computer at desk. Company finance, male brainstorming an idea and solving problem in office
    Data analysis, computer or programmer man thinking in digital agency for innovation coding, programming solution or SEO strategy. Creative, startup or employee tired from web design or website review