Stock Photo - Teamwork, doctors and nurses with x ray in hospital for testing and analysis. Collaboration, mammogram and group of people, medical staff or physicians discussing scan or picture results in clinic.

Teamwork, doctors and nurses with x ray in hospital for testing and analysis. Collaboration, mammogram and group of people, medical staff or physicians discussing scan or picture results in clinic. - Stock Photo

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    Face, Islamic woman and doctor with smile, hospital and confidence for surgery, consulting and success. Muslim female, lady and medical professional for healthcare, consultant and surgeon in clinic.
    Face, black woman arms crossed and doctor with smile, consultant and in hospital. Leader, African American female and medical professional with happiness, ready for surgery and healthcare.
    Woman, depression and sad nurse in hospital after loss, failure or bad news. Stressed, mental health and face of unhappy, depressed and thinking female medical professional with burnout and anxiety.
    Doctors, hands together and team with support, motivation applause and high five for health. Solidarity, diversity and commitment with trust, happy and medical collaboration and medicine.
    Tablet, healthcare and happy muslim woman doctor in hospital for telehealth, medical research or management in Indonesia . Portrait of smile surgeon in hijab, digital technology or clinic information
    High five, applause and doctors throw paper in celebration of goals, targets or achievements. Meeting, teamwork and group of people or nurses throwing documents and clapping to celebrate success.
    Applause, healthcare teamwork and hospital success, collaboration or motivation. Diversity, happy doctors and nurses clapping hands in commitment, trust and support of medical goals, deal or wellness
    Nurse, depression and stress on hospital floor for patient loss, surgery fail or virus death rate in wellness, medical or community clinic. Mental health, sad and anxiety for healthcare worker woman
    Senior doctor, team and x ray analysis in hospital for health, wellness and study of anatomy with mentor. Doctors, nurse and black man with teamwork, consulting and medical discussion in Los Angeles
    Woman, muslim and doctor with serious face at healthcare meeting in office with interracial coworkers and students. Professional hospital with senior worker with hijab and assertive portrait.
    Face, man and happy nurse in hospital, smiling and ready for tasks. Portrait, medical professional and confident, proud and successful male doctor with vision, mission and wellness goals in clinic.
    Meeting, healthcare and collaboration with a doctor black man and his medicine team in discussion over documents at the hospital. Nurse, teamwork and partnership with professional medical group
    Teamwork, doctors and nurses with x ray in hospital for testing and analysis. Collaboration, mammogram and group of people, medical staff or physicians discussing scan or picture results in clinic.
    Doctor woman, burnout and anxiety in hospital, workplace and tired in healthcare job, stress or headache. Nurse, sad and exhausted in medical service, clinic or depression in health career by window
    Legs, team and doctors walking in hospital with health, medicine and medical collaboration with cardiovascular healthcare. Surgeon, cardiology and medic community, teamwork at cardio clinic.
    Face, man and nurse with tablet in hospital for healthcare or internet research. Digital tech, medical professional and happy male physician with touchscreen for wellness app or telehealth in clinic.
    Doctors, applause and high five with success and paper confetti, celebrate win in health and cheers for team building. Happy, medical innovation win and target goal with motivation and diversity.
    Mature doctors, nurses or teamwork meeting in hospital planning, medical surgery ideas or medicine treatment strategy. Talking healthcare workers, men or women with paper documents in collaboration
    Healthcare, stress and sad nurse on floor with burnout, anxiety and headache working in emergency services. Medical care, mental health and health care worker with depression in hospital or clinic
    Face, doctor and woman with a digital tablet in hospital for consulting, help and healthcare innovation. Portrait, black woman and medical expert happy, friendly and ready for medicine and telehealth
    Healthcare, doctor and face of black man in hospital, health facility and clinic for trust, support and help. Insurance, medical care and portrait of senior medical worker with smile for consulting
    Nurses, doctors face or arms crossed in hospital sequence of life insurance goal, surgery trust or medical wellness innovation. Portrait, happy smile or healthcare worker in people diversity teamwork
    Black woman, healthcare and hospital nurse with arms crossed of medical service, management or surgery. Portrait, smile or happy doctor, surgeon or therapist consulting in clinic, trust or motivation
    Face, healthcare and insurance with a nurse man standing arms crossed in a hospital for medical treatment. Portrait, doctor and trust with a male medicine professional in a clinic for diagnosis
    Doctors, x ray and women walking in hospital, clinic and healthcare planning, consulting and teamwork. Diversity, medical workers and xray anatomy analysis for heart risk, asthma lungs and body chart
    Doctors, black man with leader in meeting and paper with team and health, hospital schedule and clinic calendar with doctor group. Medical employees, professional with senior surgeon and diversity.
    Meeting, healthcare and collaboration with a team of doctors talking over documents in the hospital boardroom together. Doctor, nurse and teamwork with a man and woman medicine group in discussion
    Doctor, tablet and thinking, walking in hospital with digital schedule and leadership in healthcare with surgeon and cardiology. Health, serious medical professional in clinic and technology at work.
    Legs, team and doctors running in hospital for healthcare emergency, help and crisis. Surgeon, nurses and group of workers in a rush, hurry and urgent walking in clinic corridor for medical surgery
    Doctor, nurse and xray with men and health consultation, advice and help with healthcare discussion and cardiology. Medical talk, hospital and team with collaboration and surgery with cardio surgeon.
    Nurse, face or arms crossed in hospital clinic with wellness motivation, medical research trust or surgery planning motivation. Portrait, smile or happy healthcare worker with confidence in Indonesia
    Success, applause and healthcare team throw paper, celebration or clapping in meeting, collaboration and motivation in medical office. Diversity doctors celebrate hospital goals with documents in air
    X ray, healthcare consultation and doctor walking with team in corridor for training, medical coaching and collaboration for patient results. Xray, physio analysis and nurses consulting for surgery
    Women, men or doctors with arms crossed in hospital with healthcare diversity, wellness vision or medical life insurance. Portrait, smile or happy medicine workers, nurse or inclusive help teamwork
    Diversity, doctors and student portrait in hospital with happy face working together as a team. Young, senior and expert medical workers satisfied with teamwork at healthcare facility.