Stock Photo - Executives having a meeting indoors

Group of multi ethnic executives discussing during a meeting - Stock Photo

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    Happy diverse group of executives all pointing at you with a smile - portrait
    Closeup of happy executive looking into distance
    Closeup of customer service representative with colleagues in background
    Portrait of smiling business colleagues standing with laptop
    Focus on business man with hand raised during a meeting with colleagues on either side
    Colleagues looking at executives expression while he holds report
    Closeup of business man smiling during meeting
    Colleagues discussing business graph
    Top view of colleagues looking up and smiling
    Executive giving two-thumbs up with excited colleagues in background
    Group of executives smiling during meeting
    Beautiful woman in business suit smiling at you with her arms folded confidently in a bright office copyspace
    Executive in charge of meeting standing up while colleagues are seated
    High angle view of Partners shaking hands while surrounded by colleagues
    Businesswoman smiling with arms crossed, colleagues in background
    View of executive with arms folded and colleagues in background
    Group of multi ethnic business people laughing and smiling
    Happy businessman with colleagues having meeting in background
    Young female executive standing with arms folded and colleagues in distance
    Focus on executive woman with colleagues in front and back of her
    View of group of executives with serious look
    Closeup of middle aged business man smiling with colleagues in background
    Business people sitting around table indoors
    Smiling executive looking at you with colleagues having discussion in background
    Cute female executive with laptop smiling at the camera during a corporate meeting
    Female executives viewing proposal on laptop to his colleagues
    Group of executives placing their hands together
    Portrait of smiling business colleagues at a conference hall
    Portrait of business man with a confident look during presentation
    Executive at head of table commanding attention from colleagues
    Closeup of handsome businessman with colleagues in distance
    Portrait of happy business man sitting on a table with colleagues in background
    Attractive business woman smiling during meeting with colleagues
    Portrait of smiling executive with people in background
    View of smiling senior executive with his team

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    Man and woman smiling as they are carrying boxes of files in an office - copyspace
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    Portrait of a handsome man hugging his girlfriend from behind

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    Shot of a group of businesspeople discussing the contents of a tablet during a meeting
    Shot of a businesswoman giving a presentation to her colleagues
    Shot of a businessman giving a presentation to his colleagues
    Cropped shot of business colleagues in the office
    Cropped shot of business colleagues in the office
    Two businesspeople working on a laptop together in the office