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Want to be part of our company?
Description: The images of Yuri Arcurs Productions are used all over the world in magazines, flyers, billboards, and even in shop windows. If you would like the opportunity to work with one of the most influential photographers of the decade and expand your portfolio, Yuri Arcurs Productions is looking for new faces! You will have the opportunity to work as an internationally recognized model for Yuri Arcurs Productions and work on set with some of the world’s best photographers at the world’s most exotic locations. You do not have to be tall or skinny. You do not have to be young. Senior people are very welcome to apply as well. A good and charming smile is much more important than anything else.

Skills: We are looking for all types of models who are highly motivated, hardworking and loyal. You will have to be adaptable to working on different shoots and with different photographers. People who are willing to learn and who will still be smiling after a long day on set will also be more suitable for this position. Previous modeling and acting experience is recommended, but not necessary. Models without previous experience are welcome to apply, but must be willing to learn. You will also need to send us a portfolio including the following high resolution images:
- A head shot from both the front and side
- A shot where you are smiling - very important
- A full length shot
- A shot in underwear (if you are not comfortable with this, please ensure that you send us a photograph where we can see your body build in full clothing)
You should know that all material sent to us is treated with the utmost respect and is never shown to anyone inappropriate.

Salary range: Dependant on skill level

Deadline for applying: No date - See below on how to apply
You will join the 9th team of recruits, under Yuri Arcurs, the world's highest selling stock photographer. It's a two year program, where you in the first year will learn everything in photography, and second year process onto directing video shoots and get in dept with everything videography. You will work with the right gear, get on set weekly and get weekly feedback with Yuri Himself. This is elite, it's super hard work and it's only for the best minds, but if you get through and get invited to start, you just got yourself 2 years of paid traineeship (yes you get paid to be on the program) and landed a great job afterwards that will most likely will make you a millionaire. We offer jobs to all that complete the 2yr program. What's the catch you might think? It's simple. We only want the best, most ambitious and dedicated students, and you may not get selected, and you may get kicked out if you fail exams. You do not need any photography/videography knowledge, we will teach you everything! Apply, see if you are what we are looking for! 3 in 10 applicants are called in for a first screening interview. All applications will be treated with respect and fairness, but it's an elite program, so it may not be the right fit for you. We will find out together!

You will be directing a series of independent shoots, be thrown in the deep end, and need to be able to handle that. We are not looking for people that are hard to work with and who enjoy creating drama. If you are straight to the point, intelligent and solution oriented, you will get along with us very well.

With over 50% of Yuri’s previous trainee’s having done so well in life, that today they are millionaires. Our Photography/ Videography Academy is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to truly succeed in this cut-throat industry. Whilst learning from the best, our trainees receive state of the art equipment, work in European-style conditions and receive great pay raise based incentives when passing exams with distinctions. It is crucial that you know what kind of opportunity this is and be willing to put everything into it.

Primary Duties:
- Learn fast so you can become a permanent part of our In-house Photography/ Videography team.
- Be a good colleague while also influencing your work conditions so that you get what you want from a shoot.
- You need to be dedicated to achieving only the highest quality of work and always strive to better your output.

Skills Necessary:
- Rudimentary Photography/ Videography knowledge;
- Basic knowledge of the Stock Industry, who Yuri Arcurs is and what we do
- Experienced with Apple MAC Computers
- Good communication skills - in English
- Good grades or references, or exceptionally intelligent (aptitude tests will be provided on interview date)

We can offer:
- A basic salary during training (paid internship) with the goal of a much higher salary/royalties upon completion of the 2 Year Learnership Graduation.
- Certificates for each of the Editing exams (RAW Processing & Retouching) you complete, which can be very helpful later on in life proving that you have been trained by the best in the industry.
- A gateway into an industry that is otherwise very difficult to get into.
- Valuable industry networks for your future career endeavours


Then contact Yuri Arcurs Productions no later than on the deadline for the job you’re interested in. Send your application to jobs@arcurs.com and make sure to mark the mail with the title of the job.

Include all of the following:
1. Motivation letter – why are you interested in this job? And why this company?
2. Your CV (include your showreel/ social media handle/ website)
3. Any reference letter from previous employers
4. Something about yourself
5. A photograph of yourself
6. When can you start
7. A statement showing a clean criminal record
8. Any additional required information (model portfolio or programming assignment)

NB: Please note that any attempt to contact Yuri himself directly will disqualify you from the job!

If you have not been contacted within two weeks of applying, your application has been deemed unsuccessful.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!