Interviews with Yuri Arcurs
Earlier this month, bestselling microstock photographer Yuri Arcurs announced both a $1.2 million investment in Scoopshot (a crowdsourced photo app) and a new exclusivity agreement with Getty Images/iStockphoto... Posted by Michael Zhang on Jul 26, 2013
Photographers can sell their photos on the web - if the quality of them is good enough. Just like the Danish photographer Yuri Arcurs: He started in 2005 with a snapshot of a flower, and today he makes millions... Posted by on 24th September, 2012
If you live in a major city you will most likely see Emma at least once every single day. She is the world's most downloaded model and she is Danish. Emma was found and trained by our staff at Posted by on 3rd May, 2012
Reaching a goal is not a park walk. From times to times, things go wrong, or really wrong, but you need to keep going... Posted by on 29th February, 2012
Photographer and King of Microstock Yuri Arcurs gives away tips on how to earn money in the stock photography... Posted by Amy Lagerman on 24th February, 2012
When digital cameras started to come out and it got a lot easier to get good images, I slowly started to think of it as more than just a hobby. I uploaded a few shots to microstock agencies online and I started to focus my energy on getting shots that would actually sell... Posted by Alex Tintea on 14th December, 2011
I have been able to stand in the front of the industry, so if I see who is rapidly catching up, I take this as a kind of healthy competition in order to improve myself. Of course, this requires confidence and determination, but I think this is the nature of business - not just the photography industry... Posted by on 1st December, 2011
Some pictures from Yuri Arcurs' agency cost less than a euro, but by selling millions of them, the owner has made a fortune. The Dane began by taking his own snapshots of various everyday scenes and selling rights to the images online... Posted by on 26th April, 2011
Yuri Arcurs - AKA the "King of Microstock" - is the best selling microstock photographer in the world, selling over 2,000 images a day and 2 million a year... Posted by Michael Zhang on 26th April, 2011
I was studying a degree in psychology at the University of Aarhus when I first discovered the microstock industry. I started taking pictures on campus for my friends and colleagues, and when I started making some money, I realized its enormous potential... Posted by on 1st March, 2011
This time, I'd like to introduce the best selling photographer of the World. Yuri Arcurs, who started shooting pretty recently while being a university student and just after a few years made it to the top in terms of sold photos. The quality and themes merged in one strong symbol that just works... Posted by Vitezslav Valka on 1st March, 2011
Follow Yuri on a guided tour in his new studio... Posted by Yuri Arcurs on 21st February, 2011
Yuri Arcurs is the world's best selling microstock photographer...and shares his thoughts and experience on stock photography in the following interview... Posted by John Lund on 21st January, 2011
In a guest post by Shannon Fagan on Ellen Boughn's blog, Yuri Arcurs (hey, to start off a sentence with those three names in the first fifteen words-pretty impressive), comments that his rpi has dropped from over $9.00 per image per month two years ago, to half that now... Posted by Signs of Digital World
In cooperation with Fotolia, microstock photographer Yuri Arcurs ran a workshop for advanced amateur photographers, where he explained some of the most important ground rules for stock photographers... Posted by on 9th December, 2008
All this might make you wonder what he is doing in the featured photographer section. With looks that could easily be mistaken for one of the models in his shoots rather than the photographer, Yuri Arcurs is not just a photographer but the world's top selling microstock photographer... Posted by on 25th November, 2008
Can you live of selling images for a dollar? This question has become relevant as microstock agencies have popped up like mushrooms selling lifestyle images at prices from $1 upwards... Posted by Jens Tønnesen on 8th October, 2008
I have just watched the video of Yur Arcurs out on a shoot. Interesting video and if you are going to learn about doing the microstock thing then you have to learn from the best and Yuri is without doubt the best in the business... Posted by on 2nd October, 2008
Known to the Stockxpert community as "logos," Yuri Arcurs is perhaps the global microstock community's most famous photographer and is often referred to as its top seller. Even a quick scan of his portfolio lets you know why... Posted by Ben Kessler on 3rd January, 2008
You don't have to be a pro to take photos like a pro - we here at convinced the world's top selling stock photographer, Yuri Arcurs, to share with us his top 8 secrets - a clear-cut guide to being successful as a photographer... Posted by on 13th September, 2007
At 28, Yuri Arcus is the world's top selling microstock photographer and has a good chance of reaching his aspiration of earning $1 million from stock photography before he is 30... Posted by Jim Pickerell on 9th May, 2007
Hear It! returns with Yuri Arcurs (logos), who shares with us the amount and level of detailed professionalism, planning and execution that he and his team goes through before his images grace the databases of For him it's a personal quest toward perfection... Posted by
For most photographers, microstock is a useful way to earn a little extra income. It lets them turn their images into cash and get a kick out of making a sale. For a few photographers, it's actually an important part of their revenue... Posted by Dean on 26th June, 2007
Putting together a post about celebrity microstocker Yuri Arcurs was easy. He's extremely successful at creating commercial photos which has resulted in his career being extremely well documented. Turns out he's also a bit of an over-achiever... Posted by Lee Torrens on 24th June, 2007