Stock Photo - Precious innocence - copyspace

A Thai toddler staring at the camera with other children in the background - Stock Photo

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    Closeup portrait of a little girl from rural thailand smiling at you
    Portrait of a group of rural Thai children with a kitten
    Portrait of a young kid from rural Thailand eating food while standing
    Portrait of a rural fisherman from Thailand teaching his kids the work
    A mixed group of Thai children standing together
    Portrait of a middle-aged Thai man staring at the camera
    A Thai man pauses to smile at something while smoking a handrolled cigarette
    A close-up of a smiling Asian girl with copyspace
    A Thai woman sitting on the floor cooking food
    Portrait of a happy looking teenage girl from rural Thailand enjoying her meal
    A destitute Thai woman sitting on the ground tending a woodfire
    Craftsman carefully working on a traditional Thai wooden boat
    A native man and woman sitting and looking at the food being cooked
    A native woman stirring the food she is cooking over the fire
    A group of native women sitting in a circle and sharing a meal
    Portrait of a young and shy girl from Thailand smiling
    A Thai craftsman repairs a traditional wooden boat - low angle
    A lone Thai woman is partially hidden by the smoke from a woodfire she is tending
    An Thai toddler sitting on the lap of his older brother, with other children in the background
    An Asian teenager sitting with a little girl on her lap
    A close-up of a relaxed and happy Thai girl smiling and leaning against a wall
    A Thai husband sitting on the floor with his arm around his wife's shoulder waiting for the food to cook
    A kitten being held up by a little Thai girl while standing in a group
    A group of Thai children standing together outside
    Portrait of a young rural girl from Thailand standing and looking
    Close-up Portrait of two little girls from rural Thailand holding each other.
    Portrait of young rural boy from Thailand smiling with other kids
    Portrait of a fisherman from Thailand working around little kids
    Portrait of two happy young girls from Thailand embracing each other
    Portrait of a young kid from rural Thailand holding a bowl of food and looking
    A Thai girl sitting on the floor with a elderly woman in the background
    Portrait of a Thai man exhaling smoke while gazing downwards thoughtfully
    A group of underprivileged children standing in front of a shack
    A middle-aged Thai woman cooks a meal on the floor in her makeshift kitchen
    A middle-aged Thai man sitting smoking on the steps to his house

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    A shy-looking girl wearing a blue headscarf
    A small Asian girl wearing a colorful headscarf and looking down
    A happy Thai mother waving while sitting on a scooter with her daughters
    A close-up of a young girl wearing a headscarf
    A women riding in the rain on a scooter with her three daughters
    A native mother trying to steer a scooter with one daughter sitting in front and two at the back