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Late License Agreement

  • 1. Essentials of this Agreement
    • 1.1 Attachment Please refer to the attached License Agreement in order to see Your rights, duties and obligations.
    • 1.2 Terms of this Agreement You hereby agree to pay a fixed amount specified in Your invoice for the illegal usage You have made of Our Media.
    • 1.3 Legal Proceedings We warrant that We will not institute a civil or criminal lawsuit against You with regards to the use of the Media in question, provided that the use is in accordance with the License Agreement obtained for the Media.
    • Please see the attached Standard or Extended License Agreement.
  • 2. Background of agreement
    • 2.1 Description So you have accidentally used our image without the appropriate license? We understand that these things do happen, but before we hand this matter over to our legal team we would like to offer you this opportunity and give you a chance to make up for any unauthorized use you have made of our image.