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  • Asked by
  • Sammi
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  • January 20, 2012
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What retouching software do you use?

Hey Yuri

Its always a pleasure viewing your images.

How do you get your pictures so bright and colorful?‚Ä®
Whats your secret when it comes to retouching your images?

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  • Answered by
  • Yuri
  • |
  • April 25, 2012
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Hi Sammi. Getting the images bright and colorful does not have much to do with retouching but is something you achieve on the actual shoot. Some of my images need almost no retouching at all. It's about shooting smart, being good with lighting and using the different tricks I've come to learn over the years.

An example is this image: http://peopleimages.com/image/blue-eyed-beauty-pretty-attractive-beautiful
The final version of this image is almost indistinguishable from the RAW file, and the only thing we've done is to remove a bit of sensor dust. All the portraits from this shoot are hardly even retouched. Only the close ups of the model's mouth and eyes have undergone a more substantial retouching.
You can see the entire shoot here: http://peopleimages.com/search#shoot-id:779758

Within the photography industry, this is called "shooting tight to the RAW file", and I do this a lot. It minimizes the time needed for developing and retouching the images.

Best Regards Yuri Arcurs

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