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  • Neil R.
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  • June 16, 2011
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Can you shoot great images with a budget of only 2000 USD?

While watching your vids, I had an idea for one that I thought I'd suggest:
Basically- What if you set yourself a budget of only USD2000 to spend on 'kit' and tried to take some stock photos using only equipment from this budget? Camera, lighting, lens, props, all of it! Can it be done?

It's crazy I know, but I think it'd be amazingly wonderful for two main reasons: 1) guys like me don't have lots of money, maybe we're just starting out and we don't know what kit is best to get. Should we get a used 5d mk1, or a new Nikon d70? Should we get a prime lens, or a package with a zoom lens, like canon's efs 18-55? Should we buy a flash, or....? (reason 2: ) are there alternatives, ways to adapt other things out there to be inventive, save money but still get good results - there are lots of photography 'hacks' out there. What ways can a real pro show us to shortcut things a bit? We've all breathed on a lens to fog it up to save us the cost of a soft focus filter but what other things can be done!

So, USD2000, can you produce great images that are accepted by an agency using only things you get from that budget? No using things you already own allowed! I know it'd be a really popular video. I've been talking with some friends of mine and we all agreed it'd be fantastic to see and really would help us learn a lot - a lot of us are young and just getting started so for us USD2000 is a lot of money, even if to some people its just another lens! And the USD2000 you spend would be repaid to you from the stock images, eventually - and you could even raffle or auction the equipment you used for charity on the website, after the video!

Its just an idea so no problem If you don't like the sound of it, but I thought I'd suggest it because it's exciting and my friends and I would really love to get some pointers for people on a budget who really can't afford the nice tools that a lot of the pros use.

Thanks again for your fantastic website, I hope you think our USD2000 challenge idea is cool!

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  • Answered by
  • Yuri
  • |
  • June 16, 2011
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This is a tough one! But I really love it and it will go straight to our story board. We might actually do this one. This is exactly the kind of suggestions which will be rewarded with site credit! Neil, sign up and site credit will be given to you!

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  • Anonymous | June 15, 2012 | No one likes this yet

    You can, any great photographer can. Camera is only a tool. Sure a better camera gives you more leeway but at the same time, a good photographer would be able to produce quality results on a budget camera. The thing is, most DSLR sensors are similar in terms of detail and IQ. Things become different when you jump to MF. That is why, if you are shooting with a DSLR knowing how is more important then shooting with what.

    For a photo to get accepted by a stock agency it has to be interesting first, and properly shot in terms of exposure/lighting, composition, and free from technical issues such as digital artifacts, color/hue, noise, ....you get the picture. That's where investing in shooting techniques is very important.

    By the way you need at a least a 12mp camera now and days to get your images accepted by stock agencies.