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  • Todd M. G.
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  • July 14, 2011
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Do you do images on request?


Great work. We are buying some of your stock photos for our new email templates.

Question - how much would it cost to have the word F-R-A-U-D spelled out on a keyboard? Like just having the letters next to each other like normal keys on the keyboard.
We are a very small fraud investigations firm.

Todd M. G.

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  • Answered by
  • Yuri
  • |
  • July 14, 2011
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Hi Todd

I would charge relatively little for a job like this. When a client wants a specific image, the price could range from $4-500 USD. If I am able to use it for stock afterwards, I'd charge about half, so it's relatively cheap. This particular image request is a very easy thing to do, so it won't be expensive at all.
I try to always keep the price as fair as possible. :) I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you're interested in having us do such an image.

Best Regards
Yuri Arcurs

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