Stock Photo - Thumbs up, selfie and man on sofa in home lounge excited and happy while doing vlog entertainment. Person giving personal house tour in living room with cellphone streaming app for announcement.

Thumbs up, lifestyle and influencer man in home lounge excited and happy while doing moving vlog. Person giving new house tour for realtor purchase with cellphone streaming app for announcement. - Stock Photo

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    Series: Sofa Days (34)

    Black man hands, phone and travel booking app for transport flight, hotel hospitality or calendar schedule in house living room. Zoom on planning vacation, trip and location on global ticket website
    Phone, hands and internet with a man using mobile technology to search for a trip idea in his home. Bucket list, travel and wifi with a male looking online and reading a news article for ideas
    Online gaming, streaming and black man playing a video game while relaxing in his living room. Entertainment, tv and controller of an african gamer with energy and freedom sitting on the sofa at home
    Internet, streaming and online gamer playing video game and sitting on a sofa in living room, excited and energy. Black man enjoying freedom and day off with home entertainment and new subscription
    Vr, virtual reality and gamer boxing in the metaverse at home happy to play a digital game and have fun gaming. Future, ai and black man playing a 3d sport with a futuristic headset entertainment
    Metaverse, vr and gaming with black man and boxing with a headset in his living room at home. Futuristic, technology and cyber with young gamer and virtual reality oculus in sports game
    Thumbs up, lifestyle and influencer man in home lounge excited and happy while doing moving vlog. Person giving new house tour for realtor purchase with cellphone streaming app for announcement.
    Man reading news on phone, social media on smartphone screen and digital newspaper on technology in house. Person in communication on cellphone, chat online with people and reviews for urban city
    Gaming, winner and happy gamer on a video game playing arcade competition on tv and winning it. Smile, victory and young black man has an addiction to fun electronic games experience to relax at home
    Black man wave hello, talking and laughing on video call, online laptop chat and communication at home. Smile, happy and young relax guy in conversation, connect on virtual contact and internet tech
    Black man stretching, relax from typing on laptop and easy writing on keyboard in living room. Happy remote work life balance, complete task online from home sofa and complete satisfaction experience
    Tired, burnout and african man on a laptop working on a project while sitting on a sofa. Exhausted black university student doing online school work to study for exam on a computer in a living room.
    Satisfied black man, laptop and sofa in happiness and satisfaction for success at home. Happy African male excited for good news relaxing on a couch with smile for successful win or deal on computer
    Black man thinking, inspiration or idea on laptop for a story on a news article, online site or blog post. Thoughts, writing and tech with freelance writer working on solution or solving problem.
    African American realtor recording social media marketing video to advertise a new building development. Interior, house and video call by happy black man showing a new home, smiling and excited.
    Social media influencer, black man in real estate moving to new home and live streaming online. Digital home tour apartment interior, happy person vlog living room and gen z selfie smile video call
    Black man wave during a video call on his laptop in the living room with headphones. Happy male with technology for virtual chat, communication or conversation and greeting online or internet webinar
    Happy, excited and a black man with laptop on sofa, celebration email news. Happy student gets loan or approval from university application. Success online, celebrate and a winner in the living room.
    Tired, headache and burnout student studying on laptop for elearning, education or university exam in living room home. Mental health, migraine or stress black man reading digital work or online test
    Anxiety, stress and worry business man waiting for email, results or feedback on laptop while working remote at home. African American freelance male feeling nervous about a proposal or deadline
    Happy learning online, man with laptop on sofa and satisfied looking at screen. Black male getting education on internet with computer. Young student in house, smile on couch, relax with open pc.
    Man entrepreneur or freelancer on the internet on a laptop with social media at home. Happy black man on her sofa and blogging over a weekend in a living room and typing a blog post or article online
    Relax, tired and black man sitting on a sofa to take a nap in the living room in his house. Comfortable, calm and happy african guy leaning to sleep and rest on a couch in his peaceful modern home.
    Remote, freelance and business man on video call on laptop, happy while greeting in online meeting or conference. Smile African American enjoy work from home and online training workshop or seminar
    Hand, phone and bucket list with a man on the search for an idea for a trip on an app in his home living room. Hands, mobile and connectivity with a male looking for a holiday or travel destination
    Black gamer winning virtual reality gaming, with a futuristic headset that uses 5g technology to beat competitors and win online games. The metaverse, vr streaming and digital cyber game is high tech
    Man with headache pain working on laptop in house, burnout from work stress and anxiety working freelance remote from home. Tired, depressed and fatigue African entrepreneur with depression from job
    Gaming, winner and relax with black man gamer with video game controller sitting on his sofa in his living room at home. Success, celebration and esports with young male playing on console
    Headache or work burnout for man working on freelance social media content writing or online news paper article. Black man with anxiety, stress and tired eyes from typing a story for target deadline
    Gen z, mental health and man on video call in headphones, laptop and sofa thinking or talking of anxiety problems in virtual psychology consultation. Student with home wifi in study zoom conversation
    News, phone and internet with a mobile device in the hands of a man in his home reading headlines, an article or report. Wifi, technology and connectivity with a male scrolling through his feed
    Man relax typing email on laptop, success after writing blog online and happy with planning digital newspaper on internet with technology on sofa in house. Entrepreneur and freelance worker on web
    Black man, laptop video call and work from home online meeting, tech communication and social media connection. Happy guy in living room wave hello for web talking, computer conversation and speaking
    Hands with phone with food order app on the internet or digital fast food restaurant app. Closeup of man doing ecommerce grocery shopping on online retail supermarket with smartphone while relaxing.

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    Radio presenter writing in notebook for broadcast, laptop live streaming and podcast online. Hands of news speaker, journalist and black woman planning ideas, blog research and audience information
    Podcast influencer man with microphone, headphones and home office studio talking for online live streaming audio service. Gen z radio host, music artist or rapper for content creation in living room