Stock Photo - Woman dancer, dress and training for solo competition, happy and doing tango in white studio. Dancing, young female and moving with passion, ballroom dance and prepare for performance with passion.

Woman dancer, dress and training for solo competition, happy and doing tango in white studio. Salsa dancing, young female and moving for show with passion, ballroom dance and prepare for performance - Stock Photo

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    Series: Salsa (31)

    Salsa Dancer in a studio

    Salsa dancer, man and studio dance while dancing to music with energy for passion, exercise and performance. Male teacher in class for training, teaching or learning steps or movement in Mexico
    Salsa, dance and couple dancing in a ballroom for dancers for a passionate elegant performance in Brazil. Smile, tango and happy woman loves moving with a rhythm or tempo with a young samba partner
    Salsa, dancing and woman with teacher in studio, having fun, learning and enjoying lesson. Training, exercise class and happy male instructor teaching girl steps, movements and routine of latin dance
    Dance, music and tango with a man performer dancing or training in a studio alone from above. Energy, performance and samba with a male dancer in a creative workshop for the performing arts
    Ballroom, dance and couple learning the salsa in a studio with music together. Date, tango and dancer man and woman with smile, happy and training for a dancing performance in partnership in a class
    Couple, dance and salsa in training, lesson and practice for competition, performance and class. Latino man, woman and professional dancer people dancing with passion, motivation and skill in Brazil
    Ballroom and salsa dancer couple, practice and training together for fitness, choreography and wellness. Black man, black woman and dancing in studio class to dance, steps together for preparation
    Music, dance and man training in a dance studio with energy, creative and salsa dancing. Dancer, tango and mexican guy practice, rehearsal and happy with passion and professional artist from above
    Music, dance and couple in a salsa studio for tango, energy and passion, practice and fun. Partner, ballroom and woman with man in flamenco, samba and creative training, bond and dancer performance
    Salsa dancer, ballroom performance and woman in red dress dancing with energy, freedom and music in studio theatre. Portrait artist in flamenco, tango and samba performance of musical creative class
    Salsa dancer, dance and woman in studio for training, practice and creative performance, fitness and exercise. Portrait, ballroom and dance by black woman moving, art and dancing, flexible and energy
    Salsa, dance and portrait of a woman in a studio for a class, learning and moving to music. Ballroom, samba and dancer dancing with energy, elegance and passion in a room for culture and performance
    Dance, art and studio with a couple doing the tango together while training for a theatre performance. Creative, dancing and passion with a man and woman dancer in a workshop for the performing arts
    Man dancing, salsa and dancer in studio, practice for dance competition or performance with fitness and training. Creativity, ballroom and exercise motivation, fun and rhythm with happiness.
    Couple, salsa and dance training in studio for competition or performance. Freedom, teamwork and creative man and woman dancing, tango or samba with romance, passion and energy in ballroom or hall.
    Tango, samba or salsa class with a couple dancing and being romantic with a rose in dance studio while learning, moving and having fun in Mexico. Man and woman dancer in studio for training and love
    Dancing, couple and salsa dancer, training for competition or performance in dance studio or class. Fitness, ballroom and creativity, man and woman practice together for contest, exercise and art.
    Man, tango dance and salsa dancing in studio with happy smile with rhythm, movement and energy. Passion, love and excitement artist practice for live show, performance and dancer class demonstration
    Dance, woman and salsa dancing with beautiful, energetic female with passion and art or elegant choreography. Dancer, lady and passionate, artistic woman with creative and graceful tango
    Salsa, dancing and man dance with fitness and creativity, practice for performance or competition. Mexican dancer in studio, happy and rhythm, music and ballroom with creative energy and training.
    Woman dancer, dress and training for solo competition, happy and doing tango in white studio. Salsa dancing, young female and moving for show with passion, ballroom dance and prepare for performance
    Salsa, dance partners and happy couple dancing with a smile and fun in a dancer studio. Tango, exercise and happiness of a woman and man busy with fitness and cardio training for a competition
    Tango, dance and couple learning ballroom on a date with a smile and happy together at a studio. Spinning, love and dancer man teaching a woman the samba, salsa dancing or training for an event
    Dance, tango and energy of man dancing, moving and doing exercise for performance in a studio for fithess, health and happiness. Latin dancer doing salsa or samba for passion, hobby or sport
    Ballroom, happy and man dancing in class with music for exercise, fun or practice for performance. Happiness, freedom and male dancer from Mexico doing latin dance routine while moving with energy.
    Salsa, dancing and man doing latin dance to music in studio for passion, entertainment and performance. Dancer, teacher and male in class for training, teaching or learning steps or movement in Cuba
    Dancing, dancer and couple teaching and learning in dance studio or class, creative and training for performance. Man with woman learn salsa, ballroom or tango, competitive with fitness and practice.
    Dance, spin and fun with a couple in studio, dancing together while training for a performance. Creative, dancer and movement with a man and woman performer practice for an elegant theatre show
    Dance, music and freedom with a latino woman training in the art of tango in a dancing studio alone. Energy, creative and performance with an attractive young female dancer in a theatre workshop
    Dance, salsa and couple in dancing studio training together to music for a performance, show or ballroom. Energy, love and dancer woman with partner learning to tango or samba moving with creativity
    Salsa, dance and couple doing ballroom for a concert, event or training together in a dancing studio room. Happy, smile and dancer man and woman with energy for the tango during a class with music