Name: Alessa
Country: Denmark
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Account Age: 7Y 237d
Online: Rarely Online: Rarely

About me

Former Personal Assistant of Yuri Arcurs. Also used to deal with Support and Distribution. I love snowboarding, movies, twitter, computers and tech stuff, English and languages in general, tea, sitcoms and all kinds of stuff. I don't enjoy walks on the beach and nice candle light dinners. I like sushi.

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  • xidigahasomali | February 23, 2019 | No one likes this yet

    Hello sister how are you

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  • Angel | October 8, 2015 | No one likes this yet

    Hi, Alessa. I wanted to see if you could delete my account from your site, registered under the name Angel LaFlare. If not, could you direct me towards the right direction? Thank you so much!

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